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Trevor Hancock (Portable Trevor) - Ep040

This week Scott welcomes Trevor Hancock (Portable Trevor) to the show. Trevor, normally behind the camera as an editor for the KindPunk team that produces Good Company, also runs his own show that's amassed a loyal following. His background as a filmmaker combined with a likeable personality makes Portable Trevor a fun show to follow.

In this episode, Trevor shares the story of how Portable Trevor takes shape. The show is mainly focused through the Twitch platform; normally a favorite of gamers but currently growing in popularity for content creators everywhere.

Trevor's interviews for Portable Trevor are a great, entertaining watch. He talks to people from all walks of life including rock stars, video game contributors and more. Trevor has also produced several cool videos for Good Company including a hilarous MTV Cribs-style tour of Scott's home.

Trevor has produced work for other clients including DDP Yoga and AEW Wrestling.

In this discussion, Trevor shares his backstory including his father introducing him to 80's music and taking him to concerts by artists such as Van Halen, Billy Joel, Elton John, and more.

Additionally, Trevor gives some behind the scenes stories about working for AEW; pretty cool job! The guys wrap up with some discussion of future plans and guests for Portable Trevor.

Check out Portable Trevor's channel at on youtube and on Twitch!

We hope you enjoy Scott's conversation with "Portable" Trevor Hancock and SHARE with a friend!

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