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Top 3 Christmas Movies - Mikey Carvajal, Jackson Foster - Ep078

This week Scott welcomes Mikey Carvajal and Jackson Foster to to the show as the guys count down their Top 3 Christmas Movies! Additionally,they exchange some pretty memorable gifts.

As you probably know, Mikey is from the band Islander. Mikey has been on several past Good Company episodes including last year's Christmas special (which can be found at and is always an entertaining guest. Today is no exception.

Jackson Foster is a part of rising Atlanta nu-metal band Silly Goose. A one-on-one interview with Jackson will be coming to the Good Company page soon. In the meantime, you can keep up with Silly Goose at

Normally, you'd get a breakdown of the flow of the conversation here in the show notes. However, it would pretty much spoil the whole thing if we went that route this time.

So, as you prepare to celebrate the holidays with your family, we hope you enjoy the Good Company family bringing you their Top 3 Christmas Movies and SHARE with a friend!

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