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Tim Williams (Vision of Disorder, Bloodsimple, Rollin' Coffin) - Ep058

Tim Williams of Vision of Disorder, Bloodsimple, & Rollin' Coffin joins scott this week for a fun, engaging interview.

Tim's newest project is Rollin' Coffin. In this discussion, Scott asks him about their newest single and how the project came together. Additionally, Tim gives updates on future plans for the band including upcoming videos and new material. He also shares the origin of the band name and it's pretty wild.

Vision of Disorder is very near and dear to Scott. In this chat, Tim shares the story of the band. Based out of Long Island, VOD started when Tim was in his early twenties. Scott and Tim take a trip through the band's discography as well.

The conversation moves to Bloodsimple. In this discussion, Tim talks about how the end of Vision of Disorder transitioned into Bloodsimple. It's quite a story. The band worked with Garth Richardson who is a legend of production work. Tim shares some interesting stories of the experience of working with Richardson and how it differed from others he's worked with. Chad Grey of Mudvayne was also instrumental in helping Bloodsimple get rolling. This relationship would lead to touring opportunities opening for the band later.

Other topics covered this week include crazy tour stories, the 90's NY scene including Life of Agony, Biohazard, Madball, and more, Ozzfest, Phil Anselmo, voice care, Slayer, and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Tim Williams and SHARE with a friend!

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