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The Best of Stryper - Ep035

This week we feature a compilation of clips from previous shows centering on the subject of Stryper. In this episode you'll hear several thoughts and memories about the band from past guests as well as the members of Stryper themselves!

The interview with Stryper is taken from Scott's talk with the band on their tour bus and features some great stories about the then-new album 'God Damn Evil' and the addition of bassist Perry Richardson among other topics.

That interview is interspersed with a one-on-one interview Scott conducted with Michael Sweet at the Good Company studios. Michael shares some insight into the beginnings of the band and how they rose through the ranks.

Also included are clips from a television talk show from the 80's that pitted the band verses an evangelical hosts. It's an interesting sparring session for sure.

Past guests from Good Company also are featured in this episode sharing their thoughts and memories of Stryper and what the band means to them.

Guests featured on this episode include Clint Lowery, Sonny Mayo, Rick Gatheman, and Robb Rivera.

Stay tuned to the end for a cool duet between Scott and Michael Sweet performing the song 'Dying Rose' by Sweet & Lynch!

We hope you enjoy The Best of Stryper and SHARE with a friend!

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