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StrikeFirst - Ep032

This week Scott is joined by the Ronnie and Wynn of StrikeFirst! Formed from the foundation of Atlanta band DDT, StrikeFirst are a brand new band with a ferocious sounds.

In this discussion, Scott talks to the guys about the end of DDT and how it led into the formation of StrikeFirst. Also, the explain how the new band differs from DDC; an interesting contrast in the interpersonal relationships that take place in a band dynamic.

The writing process for bands can vary greatly. In this discussion, the guys talk about their writing process and how contributions from all members help the end result.

The album cover of the new StrikeFirst album is, well, striking. In this chat, the guys explain to Scott the inspiration behind the album cover as well as how it relates to one of the new songs.

Additionally, the guys talk about upcoming plans including a possible covers album. The guys also discuss some of their early influences and they might surprise you.

Scott and Ronnie go way back so this conversation includes some entertaining reminiscing from the two of them including concert memories and more.

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Ronnie and Wynn of StrikeFirst and SHARE with a friend!

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