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Shifty of Crazytown & Jackson Foster - Ep008

Seth "Shifty" Binzer of Crazytown joins Scott this week for an eye-opening look at the ups and downs of the music industry. In this conversation, Seth leads Scott through a life raised in the entertainment industry. From a father that designed album covers and worked with The Rolling Stones to a walk-on role in a Lenny Kravitz video, to the rise of the California rap-rock scene to Crazytown's success and eventual downfall, he's seen it all.

This conversation gives an in-depth look at the machinations of a rapidly shifting music industry of the 1990's including the casualties it caused. From run-ins with the law to substance abuse and, ultimately, sobriety, Seth Binzer is resurrecting Crazytown to prove that the band is about much more than the hit song 'Butterfly.'

Before that, Scott is joined by Student Driver band member Jackson Foster for a quick discussion on the band's formation, it's current output, influences, and plans for the future. Jackson and his band mates are proving that rock music has a bright future.

Give Student Driver a listen at the links below:



Spotify: Student Driver

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