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Sergio Vega Interview (Deftones, Quicksand) - Ep072

This week Scott welcomes Sergio Vega of Deftones and Quicksand for a great conversation. After playing bass for Deftones since 2009, Sergio announced he was leaving the band earlier this year when contract negotiations broke down. Since then, he's gone back to focusing on his time on Quicksand; a post-hardcore group he founded all the way back in 1990.

Scott and Sergio cover a lot of ground in this conversation. Things start out with discussion of Sergio's early life and musical influences. His parents were a crucial factor in exposing him to different types of music. Sergio's early influences rum the gamut and it's interesting to hear where he comes from. Punk and Hardcore music were, especially, a big influence that led him on his path.

Other topics covered this week include early band stories, cassettes, early touring days, bass lessons with Carol Kaye, bass influences, how he wound up in Deftones, Jerry Cantrell, and more!

As always, Scott goes over the guest's discography and gets some great stories from Sergio about the making of albums by Deftones and Quicksand.

Quicksand released a new album, Distant Populations in 2021. Check it out at

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