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Scott Bowling on Peer Pleasure Podcast - Ep049

This week Scott takes his turn as the interviewee as he guests on the Peer Pleasure Podcast with Dewey Halpaus.

After years of touring with his past projects Portugal. The Man, Anatomy of a Ghost, and The Burning Room, Dewey Halpaus found himself in need of a slower pace. He left the road and started a family, but later discovered that he wanted to be re-immersed in the music scene he stepped away from about ten years earlier. This yearning to reconnect morphed into The Peer Pleasure Podcast.

Dewey formed his podcast around one basic concept, to give listeners access to a more personal side of the artist, while creating a comfortable & relaxed setting for the guest. Dewey opted to emphasize attentiveness & empathy rather than just asking questions from a list like stereotypical interviews.

There's a lot of ground covered this week including Scott's early life and musical influences, his family business, interview techniques, podcast inspirations, guest booking techniques, and more.

Other topics include Dewey's story of transitioning from musician to podcaster, maintaining connections with guests, pre-interview nervousness, memorable interviews, and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's appearance on the Peer Pleasure Podcast and SHARE with a friend!

Check out the Peer Pleasure Podcast at

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