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Schuylar Croom of He is Legend - Ep055

This week Scott is joined by Schuylar Croom of He is Legend for an engaging conversation. Fronting the band since it's inception in 2003 in North Carolina, Schuylar has seen many sides to the music industry.

The conversation kicks off with the guys talking about their respective collections. From memorabilia to matchbooks, it's an interesting insight into what connects with people.

With lots of experience on the road, it leads to some interesting human behavior. In this conversation, Schuylar shares his take on how people change and adapt to the nomadic lifestlye of touring.

The conversation shifts to discussion of He is Legend's latest album release, 2019's 'White Bat.' Schuylar shares his thoughts on being more involved with the artwork and layout with this album than on previous releases. He also discusses the process of making he album and how single selection happened.

And, as always, Scott goes through the band's discography and picks up some great stories from Schuylar throughout.

Other topics touched on include where creative inspiration originates, remaining positive in a negative music industry, Underoath, the Myrtle Beach scene, touring with Islander, details on a possible new album, and more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Schuylar Croom and SHARE with a friend!

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