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Say Never - Ep034

This week we feature a talk between Scott and the band Say Never. Formed in 2017 in Atlanta GA, Say Never features a diverse sound that can only be described as Post Grunge Hard Rock. With roots in those genres as well as country, it's a unique sound that gets your attention.

In this discussion Scott talks to all four band members; Jonathan Pruitt, Paul Lawrence, Ben Sumpter, and Rick Gatheman. They delve into the beginnings of the band as it was formed by Jonathan and Paul. Rick would join next, followed by Ben in 2018.

'Giving Up' is the first single and video from Say Never. In this chat, the guys talk about how the song came about and how it's important to the foundation of the band. Additionally, they discuss the making of the video.

Say Never recorded material at Ledbelly Sound Studios in Dawsonville, GA. Both singles were mixed by Fozzy/Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward. The decision to release singles early is intentional as the music listening world has changed. In this episode, the guys explain this plan of action.

Also covered is the band's songwriting process and how it revolves around initial ideas from Jonathan and gets molded by the rest of the band.

Other topics discussed include video shoot stories, upcoming plans, merchandise, family/band life balance, and more.

This interview was conducted in October 2019. Sadly, weeks later guitarist Ben Sumpter would pass away in his sleep. Rest in Peace, Ben.

Say Never is still active and currently recording more material. You can follow all the action on their facebook page

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with the members of Say Never and SHARE with a friend!

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