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Sam Abernathy (Fozzy, Stuck Mojo) - Ep044

This week Scott sits down with Sam Abernathy. Sam does sound for Fozzy and Stuck Mojo.

In this discussion Sam shares his history with the bands as well as much more.

Sam comes from a very musical family. Starting age 3, he took up guitar. In this discussion, Sam shares what bands influenced him and how he got into rock and metal. He also talks about some his earliest concerts including Sepultura,Stuck Mojo and more.

Working sound for bands can carry many twists and turns. In this conversation, Sam shares some interesting stories about the job.

Going from being a fan to an employee of a band is a crazy leap. In this talk, Sam talks about his early memories of Stuck Mojo and what the band means to him. He also shares some cool memories of things he's witnessed at shows.

There's a lot of Stuck Mojo talk in this episode so if you're a big fan, you'll absolutely love it.

Sam also shares the backstory of how he got hired by Fozzy, how the band helped show him the ropes and much, much more.

Things wrap up with Sam sharing advice on one of the most important touring rituals. You have to hear it to believe it. Additionally, there's some talk of the great Guardians of the Jukebox tribute band and Sam's own bands Uber Stout and

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Sam Abernathy and SHARE with a friend!

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