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Robb Rivera (Nonpoint) - Ep022

Robb Rivera of Nonpoint and the Robbcast Podcast joins Scott this week to discuss his musical upbringing, career, and plans for the future.

In this conversation Robb shares his early thrash and hardcore influences as well as his love for the early days of tape trading. The history of Nonpoint goes back a long way. Originally called Nonpoint Factor, the band had a predominantly thrash sound. Robb shares the history of the band and the many changes that took place to lead up to their breakthrough with 'Bullet With a Name.'

Nonpoint fought hard to rise through the ranks. Robb's story in this conversation about the singer switch that took the band to the next level is very interesting. Another band that came up around the same time was Drowning Pool. In this talk, Robb shares some entertaining war stories of the two bands' relationship and how it endures today.

Robb, a self-taught drummer, reflects on his drumming influences including Neil Peart as well as the first songs he learned to play. Other topics in this episode include Papa Roach, touring stories, Ozzfest, Sevendust, Stuck Mojo, future Nonpoint plans, opening for Linkin Park, Snot, Pantera, and tons more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Robb Rivera and SHARE with a friend!

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