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Rick Gatheman & Ray Hemms (Say Never / Giza Is Gone) - Ep065

This week Rick Gatheman & Ray Hemms join Scott for a fun interview! The conversation begins with discussion of the greatness of Ray Luzier. From there, Scott talks about the loss of Say Never guitarist Ben Sumpter and how the band has regrouped since.

The conversation moves to Rick's early years including his time with a band called Red Alert. Additionally, there's discussion about some of Ray's early bands including one that was performing in the Atlanta area during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing.

Both Rick and Ray have played the Atlanta-area circuit over the years. At this point of the show, the guys talk about some of their past bands as well as venues at which they performed.

Rick has been sober over 13 years. In this discussion, he details the circumstances that led to him finding sobriety.

Ray's band, Hope's Anchor, has been a mainstay of the Atlanta area since 2008. Interestingly, Rick almost became a member. In this episode, the guys discuss the band how small a world the local scene can be.

Rick & Ray got together to form Giza is Gone. The project was started during the pandemic. In this discussion, the guys discuss how the project started and what people can expect.

Rick's band, Say Never, also has new music out and in this discussion he gives all the details of what went into it.

Other topics touched on in this episode include getting kicked out of bands, The Velcro Pygmies, MTV Spring Break, parachute pants, the influence of KISS, Ray's other projects including Sweet Soul Sister, Rick's cover band Rockforce, and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's discussion with Rick Gatheman and Ray Hemms and SHARE with a friend!

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