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Richie the Barber Interview - Ep066

This week Scott is joined by Richie the Barber for an unforgettable episode (and haircut).

Richie the Barber is certainly not the barber your father took you to as a child. This self-confessed nonconformist is a byproduct of what happens when an old soul falls in love with punk ethos.

Known for his 1920s gentleman-like mustache and Chaplinesque picture poses, the man is a dedicated barber whose clientele is as broad as his horizons. Richie is not only a talented barber but also an incredible artist as well as an author.

In this episode, Scott gets a professional haircut by Richie while getting his backstory. Due to his infatuation with all-things-visual, Richie is a true-to-life outward reflection of creativity.

This is a pretty entertaining conversation. Scott gets Richie's story while Richie continually pulls out of his bag of tricks and entertains as only he can. It's loaded with wild stories! Of course, it wouldn't be Good Company without some music talk. In this conversation, Richie talks about his eclectic musical influences as well as a future music project of his own.

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This episode is sponsored by The Classic Metal Show. Since 1996, THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW has been causing chaos throughout the world on the strength of their no holds barred, uncensored look at pop culture, sex, politics, religion, movies, tv and music... yes, that glorious classic hard rock that peaked in the mid '80s! Neeley and Chris continue to bring you 6 hours of the best "shock jock" type radio going today! Check them out at

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