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Morgan Rose of Sevendust - Ep20

Morgan Rose of Sevendust joins Scott this week for an in-depth, revealing discussion. They start at the beginning; covering Morgan's early musical roots including run-ins, as a fan, with icons such as Sting and Andy Summers (The Police), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and others.

Additionally, Morgan reflects on his pre-Sevendust bands and how the circle of musicians from these bands would play into the formation of Sevendust.

As always, Scott takes this week's guest through their discography. As Morgan recounts the making behind each album and subsequent tours, he offers an inside glimpse into the music industry not seen in most interviews. From their early days managed by Twisted Sister's JJ French to their signing with TVT Records and how they broke the band in an unconventional way, you'll hear how the band began getting attention.

Also, you'll get inside stories on their change in record labels, producers, and much more. If you're a fan of Sevendust you'll definitely enjoy this talk.

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