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Molly Schuyler (Professional Eater) - Ep030

This week Scott welcomes professional eater Molly Schuyler to the show! Professional eating has gained in popularity over the years; especially through the YouTube platform.

Molly's channel 'Molly Schuyler Woman vs Food' has become one of the most popular eating channels on Youtube; racking up nearly 200,000 subscribers with videos going back as far as 7 years.

In this conversation, Molly shares how she got into professional eating in 2012 and has continued on since then. She ramped up her output starting in 2017 and her following has grown exponentially since then.

This episode features some behind the scenes stories about what being a professional eater is like, stories of competition, and yes, what your stomach can go through after one of these competitions.

It's an outside-the-box episode of Good Company and we hope you'll SHARE it with a friend. Thanks for listening!

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