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Ming Cheng (Brother of Chi Cheng) - Ep045

This week Scott is joined by Ming Cheng, the brother of the late Chi Cheng of Deftones, for an unforgettable conversation.

The show opens with Ming's recollections of growing up with Chi. Ming shares some great memories of how the brothers got into music and began playing. In this conversation, Ming shares stories of playing metal covers with his brother during childhood and which players influenced them the most.

The Cheng's childhood was not an easy one. In this discussion, Ming shares stories of their difficult upbringing in Stockton, CA. The brothers would go to different colleges before reconnecting.

In this chat, Ming shares the story of the formation of Deftones and the unlikely circumstances that led to it. Deftones would blow up with their debut album 'Adrenaline' and be a part of the explosive Nu-Metal scene that included Korn. Ming was around the scene as it happened and describes what it was like at the time.

Scott goes through some of the Deftones discography with Ming and gets his thoughts on the albums. A surprising revelation that ties Deftones to Berlin is made and is pretty interesting.

The conversation moves onto Buckle Up for Chi. This organization, formed in 2013, was founded to bring about seatbelt safety awareness. In this chat, Ming talks to Scott about some of the great products released through BUFC and it's mission.

Other topics covered include Ming's bands, early Deftones sound experimentation, favorite guitarists, bass tech duties, Madonna, and more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Ming Cheng, brother of Chi Cheng, and share with a friend!

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