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Mikey Doling - Ep023

Mikey Doling joins Scott this week for an illuminating conversation on Soulfly, Snot, and much much more!

Hailing from Coachella, California, Mikey formed Snot in the early 90's. Fronted by the late Lynn Strait, Snot were ahead of the curve in many ways. In this conversation, Mikey shares the story of how he found Lynn fronting a band in a pizza joint and how they came together. He also shares some small world connections with Ugly Kid Joe and Shannon Larkin of Godsmack being instrumental in solidifying Snot's lineup.

Another California band that came up on the scene in the early 90's was Korn. In this talk, Mikey shares stories of doing shows with Korn as well as Deftones. There are some funny reflections on fashion choices of the nu-metal scene as well.

Also discussed is Snot's inclusion on the 1998 Ozzfest tour and how the planets aligned for that to happen.

The momentum was building with the release of 1997's 'Get Some' but everything was cut short by the untimely death of Strait. The band has, however, carried on in different incarnations. A noteable part of the band's history was the album 'Strait Up.' Featuring several guest vocalists, the album was done as a tribute to Strait. While the album received much acclaim, you'll hear about the difficulties behind it in this discussion.

After the death of Lynn Strait, Mikey would go on to join Soulfly. The story of how he joined the band is very interesting. It was a true trial-by-fire situation leading up to his first show. Mikey would officially join the band for their 'Primitive' album. In this discussion, he discusses its creation and the work ethic involved. Mikey would stay with Soulfly until 2004.

Other topics in this talk include Invitro, Channel Zero, Phil Demmel, solo work, hanging at Ozzy's house, and much more!

Be sure to check out Mikey's new band Woyote at

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