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Mike Stickler of the Take a Lap Podcast - Ep056

This week Scott welcomes Mike Stickler of the Take a Lap podcast to the show. Scott discovered Mike through his popular Tik Tok videos. In this discussion, Mike shares how he got into the ever-present social platform. Mike and his then-wife Kat's videos quickly grew in popularity which led to a very large following. Kat's creativity and Mike's business acumen combined to help their success. In this chat, Mike shares some behind the scenes stories of how much of their Tik Tok videos were real and much more.

Mike Stickler recently launched the Take a Lap Podcast. Joined by his co-hosts Carlos and Rene, Take a Lap is a show about life, mental health, business, and so much more. Not afraid to address deep subjects, it's a show that will help people find out about themselves while listening to the experiences of the hosts.

Mike is also launching a software business that will be of great help to streaming content creators.

Other topics touched on this week include Mike's love of drumming, church background, playing in bands, musical influences, and much more!

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