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Mekahla Peterson - Ep047

This week Scott is joined by Mekahla Peterson. Mekahla is a member of the Kind Punk team. Kind Punk is a film production company/marketing agency that is for and from the underdogs. It turns into something bigger; a larger creative community and communal living space.

In this discussion, Mekahla explains how she became a member of the Kind Punk team. From a Family Force Five concert in Kansas City, a connection was made that led her to join the team. It's a very cool story. Being a member of the Kind Punk House involves putting in the work. As part of the team, Mekahla works on the video editing side of things. In this discussion, she explains how she acquired the skills and how they are implemented today.

Kind Punk is based out of Atlanta, GA. If you're familiar with the video version of Good Company, you're already aware of their great work. Additionally, they handle the video duties for DDP Yoga. In this chat, Mekahla talks about her experience working for Diamond Dallas Page.

The Kind Punk team is very tight-knight. In this discussion, Mekahla shares her thoughts on the group dynamic of the Kind Punk House.

Other topics touched on this week include wrestling, Twisted Tea, her relationship with Nathan Mowery, Islander, appearing in music videos, and more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's inteview with Mekahla Peterson of Kind Punk and SHARE with a friend!

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