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Matt Pinfield - Ep016

Matt Pinfield joins Scott this week to discuss an incrediblelife and career shaped by Rock n Roll!

In this conversation, Matt shares stories from his roots growing up in New Jersey. From his early days as a teen broacasting from his home via AM transmitter, Matt had a passion for broadcasting. This would lead to a job in FM radio and, later, MTV.

Matt's stints as host of 120 Minutes and Headbangers Ball are important landmarks in rock music broadcasting. In this conversation Matt shares his

memories of the audition process for MTV. The way his employment came about is very eye-opening. Matt also shares some good advice about how to handle the steps it takes to get the job you want.

Additionally, Matt shares his crazy story of getting hit by a

car and how he's recovered since.

Other subjects covered include Marilyn Manson, his book "All These Things That I've Done: My Insane, Improbable Rock Life," the innovation of Farm Club, Guns N' Roses, the Paradise City series, and more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's conversation with Matt Pinfield and SHARE with a friend!

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