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Marc Rizzo (ill Nino and Soulfly) - Ep063

This week Scott sits down with Marc Rizzo of ill Nino and Soulfly for an engaging conversation about his career.

The chat begins with discussion of Marc's passion for the guitar as well as his return to live show's this year. Marc toured the country doing solo shows. He had to get creative with the gear and the routing but was grateful to get back in front of audiences.

Marc was an original member of ill Nino. In this discussion he talks about the beginnings of the band as well as the influences that led him on his path including Slayer and Anthrax.

Aside from his work with ill Nino and Soulfly, Marc has released some incredible instrumental solo albums over the years. If you're a guitar nerd, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Additionally, Scott goes through the discography of this week's guest. With Marc's long career, they cover a lot of ground.

Other topics include playing Ozzfest, international touring, guitar shredding, backpack marketing, love of Thrash Metal, Shrapnel Records, instrumental influences, his new projects 'Hail the Horns' and 'Revenge Beast,' working a regular job through the pandemic, a potential ill Nino reuntion, and much more!

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