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Lord Nelson (Stuck Mojo) - Ep073

This week Scott welcomes Lord Nelson of Stuck Mojo to the show. Lord, while known for music, has also entered the world of podcasting. In this discussion, he shares the story of how he decided to break into the platform.

His podcast, Live & Loud With The Lord Experience is available at

Lord is into a large variety of music, In this talk, he shares some of the diverse array of artists he's into. It's pretty eye-opening.

Stuck Mojo blazed a new path in the world of metal music. In this discussion Lord Nelson shares the origin story of how he connectedd to the band including how his connection to Bonz goes all the way back to high school.

Lord Nelson's first album with Stuck Mojo was 'Southern Born Killers.' In this episode, Scott gets the story behind the album. He was also with the band for 'The Great Revival.' In this chat, he shares the story behind the making of the album.

Other topics covered include lyric writing process, learning the older Stuck Mojo material upon joining the band, touring with Volbeat, road stories, his exit from the group, Chris Akin, Joshua Toomey, Plastic Catastrophy and much more!

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