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Left to Suffer - Ep052

This week Scott is joined by the guys from Left to Suffer for a fun conversation and look at their history. Left to Suffer is a Metalcore band from the Atlanta area.

Coming on the heels of original band Lost at Last, Left to Suffer started around 2019. In this discussion the guys share the backstory of the band up to where they are today.

Vocalist Taylor Barber has an incredible vocal ability. In this chat, he shares how he started in middle school chorus and quickly learned from there. Additionally, he details how he gets his vocal technique and cares for his voice.

Left to Suffer have a history of recording in the Atlanta area and in this episode, sharestories of live shows including songs they've covered from other bands such as Slipknot.

As always, Scott goes through the band's discography on the show. For such a young band, Left to Suffer have been very prolific in releasing material. They released two albums in 2020 ('A Year of Suffering' and 'Live from Hell') as well as a new album in 2021 ('On Death'). Details and behind the scenes stories on the making of all three albums are discussed in this episode.

Other topics hit in this discussion include songwriting process, rejected band names, their new drummer, interacting with fans, post-pandemic touring, day jobs, and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Left to Suffer and SHARE with a friend!

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