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Lakeview Dads Top 3 Favorite Albums - Ep074

This week Scott is joined by 3 of his favorite friends, the Lakeview Dads, to pick their Top 3 Favorite albums.

The Lakeview Dads are a tight-knit group of guys from Scott's local community. This episodes features the guys going over a lot of different things. It's a great reminder of how much fun it is to just sit with your buddies and converse about the stuff you love.

Topics hit on this week include Shaky Knees Festival, Crossroads (the movie), Rick Rubin, and more!

Bands discussed in this talk include Talking Heads, Chuck Berry, David Lee Roth, Van Halen, Guns N' Roses, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Tool, The Replacements, Metallica, White Zombie, The Mars Volta, Sublime, and Mr. Bungle.

What albums were chosen? You'll have to listen to find out!

We hope you enjoy Lakeview Dads picking their Top 3 Favorite Albums and SHARE with a friend!

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