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Jose Mangin - Ep021

Sirius XM host and "metal entrepreneur" Jose Mangin sits down with Scott this week to discuss his life's journey as a metal fan. Going back to his discovery of Motley Crue in kindergarten, Jose has been on a lifelong metal journey.

In this conversation, Jose discusses his metal roots including an early concert experience seeing Iron Maiden and Anthrax in Arizona. From there he became the "metal influencer" of his group of peers. This would lead him to college radio at the University of Arizona. From there, he wound up in Memphis as a graduate student and deejay on a commercial station.

Jose then describes the steps and circumstances that led him to New York and, ultimately, a job on satellite radio. His tenure at Sirius began in 2000; basically the beginning of satellite radio. In this conversation, Jose reflects on the early struggles with the company and how things shifted dramatically with the arrival of Howard Stern to the medium. He also discusses the channels for that station that he's run including Ozzy's Boneyard, Liquid Metal/Hard Attack, and Octane among others.

Other cool topics include Jose introducing legendary bands such as Metallica, bringing people together, dealing with haters, and much more!

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