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Jon Beatty of Brewtally Speaking Podcast - Ep037

This week Scott is joined by Jon Beatty of the Brewtally Speaking Podcast for a fun discussion of music, podcasting and much more!

In this discussion, Jon talks about how Brewtally Speaking came about. The names considered previously are pretty entertaining. Additionally, Jon talks about the inner connections between podcasters and the community it creates.

Podcasting is something that only improves over time. In this talk, Jon and Scott talk about the awkward beginnings of podcasting and how those early episodes, while uncomfortable, are a good representation of the growth one goes through with experience.

Obviously, these podcasts wouldn't exist without the influence of music. In this episode, Jon talks about some of the bands that made an impact on him including Pantera, Aalyiah, Nu-Metal, and TLC; serious range!

Other topics include Jon's love of the Braves, Ric Flair, wrestling, merchandise ideas, ROCKNPOD Expo, Gene Simmons, beer, and more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Jon Beatty and SHARE with a friend!

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