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John Humphrey (Seether & The Nixons) - Ep041

Drummer John Humphrey of Seether & The Nixons joins Scott this week for a chat about his remarkable career.

Seether is currently riding high on the Mainstream Rock charts with their new album 'Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.' It's their eighth studio album and is produced by frontman Shaun Morgan.

In this discussion John shares his thoughts on the making of the new album as well as how he feels about the positive reception it's getting. The new album was finished just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Shaun talks about the timing and how it's affected touring plans.

The band has gone through a few changes over the years; most notably the addition of Corey Lowery. John shares his thoughts on Corey's addition and what he brings to the band.

As per usual, Scott talks to John about the Seether discography. There are some very interesting stories behind the making of these records.

Additonally, John shares his influences as well as stories of the bands and albums that helped form who he is.

John was also an integral part of Oklahoma-based band The Nixons. The band's breakthrough single 'Sister' helped John get deep into the music industry. In this conversation, he shares the story of the band's signing to MCA, touring with KISS, and more.

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with John Humphrey of Seether and The Nixons and SHARE with a friend!

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