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Jason Dozer - Ep067

This week Scott welcomes Jason Dozer to the show for a super fun conversation. As an entrepreneur, Dozer runs Metaldozer Machine Works; a custom microphone stand company that churns out great product for rock singers everywhere. As a musician, he is the front man for '84 (an awesome Van Halen tribute) as well as Excitable, and Moby Dick (a popular party cover band).

In this episode, Dozer shares the story behind how Metaldozer Machine Works came to be; it's inspiration, history, and more. The story of how a history in machine work combined with a love of music and a chance meeting with Dream Theater would lead to his company's creation is an interesting one.

Addtionally, Dozer shares the stores of his bands '84, Excitable, and Moby Dick came to be.

Other topics touched on include building product for Prince, Robert Plant, Overkill, Fozzy, Jeff Scott Soto, and more.

You can keep up with everything Dozer is doing at

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