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Frank Fontsere (Fozzy / Stuck Mojo) Interview - Ep069

This week Scott welcomes former Fozzy/Stuck Mojo drummer Frank Fontsere for a great conversation on his life and career.

Scott's fandom for Frank goes back to his teenage years as a fan of Stuck Mojo and, later, Fozzy. Frank recently announced his retirement from the music industry and is now focusing on new endeavors including his own original art as well as a new podcast.

Frank joined Stuck Mojo just in time for the recording of 'Pigwalk.' He stayed with the band through 2001 and simultaneously joined Fozzy in 2000 for their self-titled debut album. His work is featured on every Fozzy album through the critically-acclaimed release 'Judas' in 2017. In 2009, Frank rejoined Stuck Mojo who released a reunion album, 'Here Come the Infidels' in 2016. In this episode, Frank tells Scott many behind the scenes stories on the histories of each band and much more including touring stories. Frank is truly an open book and shares a lot of info that fans will appreciate.

Other topics covered this week include Scott's recent interview C. Thomas Howell, an interest in acting, Frank's emerging artwork and his family's influence on it, his musical influences including KISS, The Beatles, and more. Additionally, other projects such as Love Said No and Six Speed are discussed.

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