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Favorite (Band) - Ep050

This week Crawford and Cass from the Atlanta band Favorite join Scott for a fun discussion.

The chat opens with the guys gifting Scott a Favorite-themed skate deck. A toast of rock-themed beer from Deftones and 311 leads to a discussion of 311's influence on Favorite and memories of seeing the band live.

Favorite formed in 1997 in Athens, GA. In this discussion, the guys share the backstory of the band. Cass & Crawford's friendship goes all the way back to 6th grade. The guys also share the origins of the name Favorite and have a spirited talk about early concerts they attended.

The early days of the band included connections that lead to the recording of their first EP. There are interesting stories about the early Atlanta-area scene in this discussion.

The first full-length Favorite album was a big learning experience. In this chat, the guys share some stories of its making as well as memories of touring the album.

As always, Scott goes through the discography with this week's guests and picks up some great stories along the way.

Other topics touched on this week include festival shows like Bonnaroo, Mars Volta, working on music through Covid-19, recording techniques, covering Robert Palmer, label expectations, touring pranks, and much more!

Check out more info and music from Favorite at

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Crawford & Cass from Favorite and SHARE with a friend!

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