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Erik Rogers of Stereomud Interview Ep070

This week Scott welcomes back Erik Rogers of Stereomud for a fun and insightful conversation. Eric was one of the first ever Good Company guests.

Stereomud, formed of members from New York and Atlanta, made their mark from 1999-2003. The band released two full-length albums; 2001's 'Perfect Self' and 2003's 'Every Given Moment' before disbanding.

Topics touch on in this chat include how Scott met Erik and reached out to him when Good Company was just starting out, Erik's early days, and the early days of Stereomud. Erik's current project, My Therapy, is going into its sixth year. In this disscussion, talks about the formation of the band, their cool hip-hop covers, and future plans.

As always, Scott goes over the discography with the guest. They discuss both Stereomud albums in this episode. There's also some talk of the band Soundevice that included Billy Grey (Fozzy) and Cheney Brannon (Collective Soul) as well as Dangerous New Machine.

It's a really fun conversation and we hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Erik Rogers of Stereomud and SHARE with a friend!

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