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Eric Campuzano (The Prayer Chain) - Ep031

This week Scott is joined by Eric Campuzano; bassist for The Prayer Chain. An alternative Christian-based band, The Prayer Chain was formed in 1990 and have released 5 full-length studio albums as well as several EPs, live albums, and compilations.

In this discussion, Scott talks to Eric about the early days of the band. The period in which The Prayer Chain started was a wildly shifting musical environment. With alternative and grunge music on an upsurge, the Prayer Chain had a niche sound that built their following in an organic way. Eric shares the pressures that went along between the band and the label during a turbulent time and how the band survived through it all.

This talk is a great example of perseverance in the face of the adversity of the recording industry. The Prayer Chain's music has been embraced on a personal level with Christian and non-Christian music fans alike. Their blend of lyrical subject matter has a balance that all audiences can relate to.

Also of note are the challenges the band faced from the evangelical side of the industry. Eric has a great take on how the band handled this and pushed forward.

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Eric Campuzano of The Prayer Chain and SHARE with a friend!

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