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Eddie Trunk - Ep012

Eddie Trunk joins Scott this week for an in-depth discussion of an amazing life in the music industry. While Eddie is now known more for his tv forays such as That Metal Show and Trunkfest on AXSTV, his career in the rock and metal world goes back much further.

In this discussion, Eddie shares compelling stories of his history in the record business as well as in radio. Eddie Trunk grew up a true rock fan. Graduating to a job in a record store, he started helping out Johnny Z in the formation and operation of legendary metal label Megaforce. Instrumental in the early days of Metallica, Megaforce would go on to work with legends such as Anthrax, Ace Frehley, and many others.

Eddie Trunk would go on to a successful career in radio in the New York area and, later, to a great career with VH1. In this interview, Eddie shares some illuminating details behind his work with VH1 Classic and That Metal Show. It's an eye-opening look behind the current of modern rock medial.

Other topics touched on in this interview include White Lion, Sebastian Bach, and much more.

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