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Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves - Ep071

This week Scott welcomes Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves to the show for an in-depth discussion.

The conversation starts with Doc and Scott talking about their shared love of movies; especially Wayne's World. Doc grew up in New Jersey near Rutgers University. In this talk he reflects on his family and upbringing.

Coming from a musical family, Doc was influenced through his parents love of Jazz music, classical and early classic rock. Additonally, his parents influenced him through 90's alternative music. They sound like cool people! Like many people, exposure to MTV helped to inspire Doc to become a musician.

In this talk, Doc talks about how the culture of the time (including comic books, metal bands, etc) helped lead him to make connections and form bands.

Doc Coyle also hosts the very popular Ex-Man Podcast. His show has grown to very big acclaim and popularity. It's highly recommended. In this episode, Doc shares his thoughts on the podcast platform and what shows influenced him.

As always, Scott takes the guest through a walk down memory lane via past discography. It's a fascinating look back at Bad Wolves, God Forbid and more.

Other topics covered include Stuck Mojo, Century Media, his bartending days, artist peers who've given him advice, Five Finger Death Punch, and much more.

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves and SHARE with a friend!

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