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DJ Lethal & Adam and Logan of Actus Reus - Ep010

DJ Lethal sits down with Scott to talk about his incredible life and career. From his roots with a muscian father from Latvia to the formation of House of Pain and its subsequent hit 'Jump Around' to arena-sized success with Limp Bizkit, DJ lethal has survived and thrived.

In this long-form discussion, Scott interviews DJ Lethal on all of it. You'll get some incredible behind the scenes stories on the collision course of hip-hop and metal that took flight in the 90's. It's an eye-opening look at the era from someone on the inside.

Before the DJ Lethal interview, Scott talks to Adam & Logan from up and coming band Actus Reus. If you haven't heard these guys, don't worry, you will in the future. Scott gets the inside story on the band's formation, their influences, writing style, and plans for the future.

A lot of cool stuff this week! We hope you enjoy Good Company and SHARE with a friend!

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