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Deftones Crew Member Juan Gonzalez - Ep054

This week Scott is joined by Deftones crew member Juan Gonzalez for a revealing look behind the scenes and much more.

In this discussion shares his story of connections to the guys in Deftones. Juan began working with Deftones during the release of White Pony but his friendship with guitarist Stef Carpenter goes all the way back to high school. Juan would go on to see the band form and thrive. He lost touch with them just before their meteoric rise before reconnecting.

Other topics covered include bass teching for Chi Cheng, being the band assistant, working for Fear Factory, adapting to life on the road, opening for Metallica, Scott meeting Juan back in the day at a show, ebay autograph hounds, Buckle Up for Chi, and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's discussion with Deftones crew member Juan Gonzalez and SHARE with a friend!

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