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David "Puck" Rainey Ep038

This week Scott is joined by Real World: San Francisco alum David "Puck" Rainey for an unforgettable conversation.

The Real World: San Francisco was the third season of this groundbreaking reality show. This cast features a very disparate group of people; and no one shook things up more than Puck. Then a bicycle messenger, Puck clashed with the housemates almost immediately. Ultimately, he'd move out of the house and the season continued without him.

In this conversation, Puck shares the story of how he got cast for the show and how one of the show's creators didn't want him on the show. The story of how this came to be is a must-listen.

Puck also shares behind the scenes details of his time on the show, his relationships with the castmates, and much more of how MTV and reality shows, in general, operate.

Other topics include stories of Lemmy, Tupac Shakur, and tons more. Trust us, it's never a dull moment during this interview.

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with David "Puck" Rainey and SHARE with a friend.

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