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Danny Boy of House of Pain - Ep053

Danny Boy of House of Pain joins Scott this week for an in-depth, entertaining discussion. Danny is Executive Director of The Outsiders House Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founding member of House of Pain & La Coka Nostra.

The conversation begins with some discussion of Danny's appearance in the recently released 'Kid90' documentary on Hulu. The documentary chronicles the behind the scenes life of kid star Soliel Moon Frye. Danny's relationship with Soliel and struggles with addiction are a part of the documentary. In this discussion he tells Scott his memories of their relationship as well as how they reconnected 20 years later by chance.

In this chat, Danny shares the story of his upbringing, which was a difficult one. He was brought up around a broad range of music, specifically hip hop. He talks about the drug culture that was going on behind the scenes of the hip hop world.

House of Pain enjoyed a huge wave of success but just as quickly, Danny got tied up in hard drugs. In this discussion he tells Scott about the choices he made and how those choices caused things to spin out of control.

After getting sober, things began to turn up personally for Danny Boy. In the first 3 years of sobriety, he began getting things in order, putting out a solo album as well as forming strong business ties. However, internally, he had stopped doing the work needed and continued to struggle. He would eventually overcome addiction and put it behind him. It's an inspiring story.

The movie 'The Outsiders' is very important to Danny. As a latchkey kid, it helped him through childhood. It had such an impact on him that he actually purchased the house from the movie and has written a book on his collection of memorabilia from the film. His story of finding the house, purchasing, and rebuilding it is incredible.

Other topics touched on include touring with Cypress Hill, crimes before House of Pain, the staying power of 'Jump Around,' the early 90's resurrection of Hip Hop, getting fired from the Beastie Boys tour, the Judgement Night soundtrack, a love of early 80's pop culture, and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Danny Boy of House of Pain and SHARE with a friend!

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