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Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) - Ep042

This week Scott sits down with legendary frontman Corey Taylor for an in-depth conversation. Scott traveled to Corey's home in Las Vegas for this chat.

In this discussion, Corey shares what led him to plant roots in Las Vegas, what he loves about it, and why he prefers it over Los Angeles.

Corey's wife, Alicia Dove, is a previous guest of Good Company. Corey shares the story of how they met as well the hurdles they had to get through to get to where they are today.

Corey was one of the artists featured on the 'Strait Up' tribute album to Snot's Lynn Strait. Slipknot's connection to Snot goes back quite a while and, in this chat, Corey shares his memories of the band as well as his involvement in the project.

Corey also appeared on Soulfly's 'Primitive' album. In this talk, he shares how we was brought on board and the process of recording the track 'Jumpdafuckup.'

Slipknot's 'Iowa' album came out shortly before 9/11. In this discussion, Corey talks about the event's impact on how the album was rolled out as well as the upcoming tour. It's quite a story of how the industry was impacted by that day's tragic events.

Additonally, a lot of Slipknot history is covered in this interview including how Corey met Clown, how intertwined the band is with Stone Sour, as well as the potential for a new album.

Other topics discussed include Machine Head, Roadrunner Records, the inspiration and recording process for 'Through the Glass,' taple tennis with Dave Grohl, The Beastmaster, the new CMFT album, and tons more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Corey Taylor and SHARE with a friend!

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