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Clint Lowery & Paul Hopson

This week Scott returns with an audio re-release of his talk with Clint Lowery from the video show. Lots of great discussion of Clint's storied career in this interview. Additionally, this is a big week for Clint Lowery as it will mark a first in his celebrated career with the release of his debut solo album, “God Bless The Renegades.” Produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Slash, Alter Bridge), this album includes ten tracks that showcase Clint’s abilities and allow him to express himself in a new, much more personal light.

Preceding this week's interview, Scott is joined by Paul Hopson; founder of PLD Media. They share stories of how they connected, their shared love of metal music, and their goals for empowering others, finding inspiration, and pursuing dreams.

We hope you enjoy this week's episode and SHARE with a friend!

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