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Cristian Machado (Lions at the Gate, Ill Nino) - Ep060

This week Scott sits down with Cristian Machado of Lions at the Gate and Ill Nino. Cristian's new band Lions at the Gate has a great single out now called 'Not Even Human.'

The chat begins with talk of Scott's long-running fandom of Ill Nino. Going back all the way to the original demo, Scott and Cristian dig into the band's history. Topics covered during this section of the chat include transitioning from being a bassist to a singer, Revolution Revolucion, Roadrunner Records, touring with Drowning Pool, Confession, and getting personal through music and lyrics.

Additonally, Scott and Cristian touch on covering a song with Chino from Deftones, One Nation Underground, Enigma, Dead New World, Epidemia, and Til Death, La Familia. Touring with Machine Head opened many doors for Ill Nino and even resulted in what became Lions at the Gate. Check out the episode to find out how.

Scott also chats with Cristian about his solo work in this chat. Additionally, Scott surprises Cristian with a framed record award for his solo album, 'Die Alone.'

Things wrap up with Cristian sharing stories and news on Lions at the Gate including the new single, the video, and much more.

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Cristian Machado of Lions at the Gate and Ill Nino and SHARE with a friend!

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