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Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake - Ep043

This week Scott welcomes Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake to the show. Aside from his musician duties, Chris hosts the 'Chris DeMakes a Podcast' that has a great knack for breaking down the songs we love with the artists who create them.

In this chat, Scott starts off asking Chris about the podcast. He shares his thought process behind the show's concept and how it differs from normal interview-style shows.

Scott also takes a deep dive with Chris on the making of Less Than Jake's 'Losing Streak' album. If you love this album, you'll love this discussion.

Other topics discussed include 'Hello Rockview,' 'Greased,' revisiting old songs, 'Silver Linings,' writing jingles, and more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Chris DeMakes of Lees Than Jake and SHARE with a friend!

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