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C. Thomas Howell And Kurt Thomas Interview - Ep068

We've got a special episode of Good Company this week as Scott is joined by Kurt Thomas and C. Thomas Howell!

Kurt, an outstanding artist, is a past guest of the show and a longtime friend of Scott's C. Thomas Howell is, of course, known for a long run of Hollywood success with movies such as 'The Outsiders,' 'Red Dawn,' and many others. He's additionally kick-started a music career as Tommy Howell; going the path of country music and songwriting. His band, The Pony Express, has been building momentum across the Southeast.

In this long-form conversation the talk about how they met while Howell was in Atlanta working on 'The Walking Dead.' Howell just started singing and playing guitar in 2021 and has dove in full force with music. He shares the story of how this all happened. It's really interesting.

Other subjects covered in this chat with C. Thomas Howell include 'The Outsiders' house in Oklahoma, the songwriting process between Tommy and Kurt, Diane Lane, the 'Soul Man' controversy, Patrick Swayze, roles in 'E.T.,' 'The Outsiders,' 'Red Dawn,' 'Grandview USA' and more!

There's tons of great behind the scenes stories shared in this conversation! We hope you enjoy Scott's chat with Kurt Thomas and C. Thomas Howell and SHARE with a friend!

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