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Buddy Reno - Ep015

Buddy Reno joins Scott this week for a lively discussion on their shared love of Project 86 and a variety of other topics.

Buddy is a contributor to the long running Discography Discussion Podcast. In this episode, Buddy and Scott discuss the podcast's history, memories of the 2018 Rocknpod Expo and more. If you like your music on the heavier side of things, Discography Discussion is a must-listen. You can check out their back catalog at

Also discussed this week is Buddy and Scott's shared love of the band Project 86. Formed in Orange County, California, Project 86 have released ten albums and amassed a loyal fan base. In this discussion, your hosts talk about the band's history as well as peripheral projects from the band members.

Also of note is Buddy's video editing work for Good Company. His apt technique of producing montage videos from some of Scott's best interviews is very impressive. In this talk, Buddy shares some of the techniques he uses in achieving these great results.

We hope you enjoy this week's talk with Scott and Buddy Reno and SHARE with a friend!

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