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Blackwater Drowning - Ep046

Blackwater Drowning sit down with Scott this week for a fun chat on their career! The band formed in 2013 in Western NC. In this discussion, the band talks about their early days, formation, and much more.

In this talk, the band share their songwriting and recording processes for how they get such a unique sounds. Their first album, 'Dillusionary' was released in 2015. Scott gets the behind-the-scenes story of how the album was made as well as how they view it in hindsight.

Their singles 'Saint' and 'Violent Ends' have helped solidify the band's sound. In this discussion, the band share the stories behind these songs and the state of the band at the time of writing/recording. Details of the making of the videos for these songs are also shared.

As the pandemic raged in 2020, many independent venues across the country have struggled to survive. To that end, Blackwater Rising partnered with Ass Clown Brewing to create a limited-run craft beer (Blackwater Clowning) to help. Ass Clown is donating 15% of the sales to Music Everywhere CLT, an economic initiative that supports Charlotte’s music scene.

In the video version of this episode, the band show off their new album cover for the first time. You can see the video version at . The next album is due out in 2021.

Other topics covered include vocal therapy, band photo shoots, vocal techniques, early musical influences, film roles, vaccination, and future plans post-Covid.

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Blackwater Drowning and SHARE with a friend!

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