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Ashton Starr (Pro Wrestler) - Ep051

This week Scott welcomes professional wrestler Ashton Starr to the show for a fascinating chat. In this discussion, Scott gets Ashton's back story.

A lot of this conversation centers around Starrfire: The Ashton Starr Story; a documentary that follow's Ashton's story both personally and professionally.

Other topics covered in this episode include Ashton's thoughts on privacy, help in life from his brother, and the importance of family.

Addtionally, Ashton reflects on his early wrestling history including seeing his first match at age 3, the influence of Randy Orton and Ric Flair, his early wrestling training (and its consequences), as well as his first professional match.

The documentary gets very personal and includes Ashton's moment of coming out to his mother. In this conversation, he talks about the circumstances leading up to that moment and the strong support he's received since.

Other topics touched on include Ashton's love of pop music and comic books, his love and advocacy of women's wrestling and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with professional wrestler Ashton Starr and SHARE with a friend!

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