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Alfonso Civile of Heartsick - Ep057

This week Scott is joined by Alfonso Civile of Heartsick for an engaging conversation. Emerging out of the Midwest and finally ready to take the whole of the US by storm, Heartsick is a band of brothers, consisting of Alfonso Civile on vocals, Jerred Pruneau on guitar, Waylon Fox on bass and Talmadge Jake Bryan on drums.

The discussion starts with some talk about Scott's ever-growing music-related collection and how it's becoming a hall of fame of sorts. Additionally, there's some discussion of how the band went about filming videos during the Covid lockdown.

Alfonso is from Puerto Rico but moved several times before his family settled in Miami. In this chat, he shares stories of his upbringing and family; including his sister's musical influence on him via rock bands of the day. Alfonso's parents were very musically diverse and that diversity helped mold his tastes. It's an interesting cross-section of artists.

As always, Scott goes album by album through Alfonso's discography. Before changing their name, the band was known as Know Lyfe. During this time, they tragically lost their drummer Matt. The story of how the band recovered and thrived is very interesting. Albums covered include Sleep Cycles, Self-Titled, and the 2021 release Thrill of the Hunt.

Other topics touched on include Scott and Alfonso's shared love of the movie and soundtrack 'The Crow,' singing in choir, Disturbed, Columbia House, Madonna, festival touring, trying out for Il Nino, and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Alfonso Civile of Heartsick and SHARE with a friend!

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