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Ahrue Luster (Lions at the Gate, ill nino, Machine Head) - Ep062

This week Scott sits down with Ahrue Luster from Lions at the Gate for a great conversation.

As with previous guest Cristian Machado, Ahrue is a member of Lions at the Gate; a group picking up momentum quickly. The conversation begins with a discussion of how the band came together. The fast turnaround from band formation to recording is staggering and the results speak for themselves.

Before Lions at the Gate, Ahrue Luster was a member of Machine Head; notably on the album The Burning Red. In this chat, Ahrue shares the story of how he became a member of the band and much more. It's an interesting story that just underlines how small of a world the music industry can be. The band switched up their sound during this time. Ahrue discusses the differences between The Burning Red and Supercharger as well as his departure from the band.

Ahrue was also a member of ill nino. In this discussion, Scott gets his take on his time with the band, his role as a member, what led to the breakup and more.

As always, Scott goes over the discography of this week's guest. With being a member of 3 very notable bands, they had a lot to talk about.

The chat wraps up with more discussion of Lions at the Gate and how his addition to the band was life-changer.

Other topics covered include the Indigo Ranch, Slipknot, Ross Robinson, songwriting inspirations, being a part of a sound change in a band, 9/11's impact on the band, touring stories, and much more!

We hope you enjoy Scott's talk with Ahrue Luster and SHARE with a friend!

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